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3'' Composite Floor Deck


Our 3'' Composite Floor Deck is the robust foundation your project demands, designed to sustain heavy loads and to serve as a solid substrate for concrete slabs. This substantial composite deck is ideal for projects that require a powerful load-bearing platform, such as hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings, providing the ultimate in strength and stability.

3'' Composite Floor Deck


Finish & Material Options

Our 3'' Composite Floor Deck comes in a galvanized finish to combat corrosion, with additional painted options for customization, all applied to resilient 50 KSI steel to ensure a combination of aesthetic and functional excellence.


Custom Lenghts

We tailor the length of our 3'' Composite Floor Deck to meet your project's precise specifications, facilitating a seamless installation process and helping to minimize waste and inefficiency on the job site


Product Features and Benefits.

  • Maximum Load Support: Its 3'' depth is engineered for maximum load capacity, supporting heavy-duty applications with ease and reliability.

  • Enhanced Concrete Bond: The deck's design features embossments that lock in with concrete, delivering a composite floor system that provides exceptional stiffness and structural performance.

  • Quick and Efficient Construction: The design facilitates rapid installation, saving valuable time on the construction schedule.

  • Safety and Acoustic Advantage: Meets high standards for fire resistance and sound attenuation, contributing to the overall safety and comfort of your building.

  • Sustainable Building Practice: Contributing to green building certifications, our deck is an excellent choice for projects aiming for environmental sustainability.

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Data Sheets

Our Data Sheets provide extensive details about the 3'' Composite Floor Deck, including load-bearing capacities, installation instructions, and more, essential for the meticulous planning required in high-stakes construction. Access them on our website or reach out to our customer service for in-depth support.

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