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Roof Deck
Type N 3''


Discover the exceptional balance of form and function with our Type N Roof Deck 3". This deck is uniquely designed for projects that require both aesthetic sleekness and robust structural support. The 3" depth provides enhanced rigidity and load capacity, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications while offering a clean appearance for architectural demands. MIAMI METAL DECK's Type N is the go-to for those who need a reliable and visually appealing structural platform.

Roof Deck Type N 3''


Finish & Material Options

Our Type N 3" Deck is available with a range of finish options to suit diverse project requirements. The galvanized finish offers enduring protection against environmental factors, while our painted finishes provide a variety of color choices for project-specific aesthetics. For those with unique needs, bare steel is also available, ready to be finished on-site. Each option maintains the structural integrity and aesthetic quality expected from MIAMI METAL DECK.


Custom Lenghts

Adaptable to the exact needs of your project, our Type N 3" Deck can be provided in lengths ranging from 6′-0″ to spans as wide as 40′-0″. Precision is key in our custom cutting service, ensuring that each piece meets your specifications for a seamless fit and a visually pleasing installation with minimal onsite adjustment.

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Data Sheets

For thorough specifications, load tables, and detailed installation instructions for our Type N 3" Deck, please consult our Data Sheets. These documents are an invaluable resource, offering the in-depth information necessary to fully understand and utilize the deck's capabilities. Download from our website or reach out to our customer service for dedicated assistance.

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