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1.5'' Composite Floor Deck


Elevate your construction with our 1.5'' Composite Floor Deck, a premier solution designed to work seamlessly with concrete slabs. This deck acts not only as a sturdy foundation for floors but also works integrally with the concrete to enhance structural performance and load capacity. Ideal for a variety of buildings, our composite deck is engineered for efficiency, providing a stable work platform and contributing to the overall rigidity of the structure.

1.5'' Composite Floor Deck


Finish & Material Options

Select from our range of finishes, including galvanized for maximum durability and painted finishes for specific design requirements. All finishes are applied to quality 50 KSI steel, combining aesthetic appeal with long-lasting performance.


Custom Lenghts

Customizable to project-specific demands, our 1.5'' Composite Floor Deck is available in lengths that minimize waste and ensure a precise fit, streamlining the installation process.


Product Features and Benefits.

  • High-Tensile Strength: Made with 50 KSI steel, our composite decks ensure a high strength-to-weight ratio for demanding environments.

  • Efficient Concrete Bonding: The embossed surface creates a mechanical bond with the concrete, resulting in a composite floor system that exhibits superior rigidity and dimensional stability.

  • Lightweight Design: Ease of handling and installation reduces construction time and labor costs.

  • Fire Resistance: Compatible with fireproofing materials and methods, offering enhanced safety.

  • Sustainability: Our composite decks can contribute to LEED credits, supporting eco-friendly construction practices.

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Data Sheets

Explore detailed specifications, installation guidance, and performance data within our Data Sheets. Armed with this information, professionals can ensure proper application and leverage the full benefits of our composite decking system. Access these resources on our website or contact our customer service for further assistance.

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