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Maximize the structural efficiency of your projects with our Z Purlins at MIAMI METAL DECK. Crafted for excellence, our Z Purlins feature a unique 'Z' shaped profile that provides outstanding stability and load-bearing capabilities. Ideal for a variety of applications in commercial and industrial construction, these purlins are engineered to support roofs and walls with unmatched efficiency.

Finish & Material Options

Equipped with a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish that meets ASTM A653 standards, our Z Purlins are built to last. This protective galvanization ensures longevity and resilience, safeguarding against environmental factors and corrosion. The structural integrity is enhanced by this finish, making our Z Purlins a reliable choice for projects demanding long-term durability and strength.


Custom Lengths

Adaptability is key in construction. Our Z Purlins can be customized to specific lengths based on your project needs. This flexibility allows for precision in design and installation, reducing waste and ensuring a perfect fit for your structural requirements.


Data Sheets

Detailed technical information on our Z Purlins is readily available in our Data Sheets. These resources provide essential specifications, such as load capacities and installation guidelines. They are instrumental for architects, engineers, and builders to ensure optimal utilization of our purlins in their projects. Access these sheets on our website or contact us for further assistance.

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