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Roof Deck Type F 1.5''

Our Type F Roof Deck 1.5" offers exceptional span capabilities, making it an ideal solution for systems requiring robust structural support. The deck is designed for efficiency, accommodating a variety of roofing materials and providing a reliable base for your construction needs. Integrating seamlessly with multiple design requirements, the Type F Deck is a versatile choice for a range of architectural applications.

Roof Deck Type F 1.5''


Finish & Material Options

Our Type F 1.5" Deck comes in a variety of finishes to meet the demands of any project. Opt for a galvanized finish to withstand the elements, choose from our selection of painted finishes for a custom look, or select bare steel for site-specific coatings. Each option is crafted to maintain performance and enhance the durability of your decking solution.


Custom Lenghts

Tailored to your project's specifications, our Type F Deck is available in lengths from 6′-0″ to 40′-0″. Our service ensures a custom fit for any project size, facilitating seamless installation and reducing waste.

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Data Sheets

For detailed specifications and installation guidance for our Type F 1.5" Deck, please refer to our Data Sheets. These resources are essential for informed decision-making and precise project planning. Access the latest version on our website or contact our support team for personalized assistance.

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