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Roof Deck Type B 1.5''


Our Type B Roof Deck 1.5'' is characterized by its high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for projects where durability meets design efficiency. With its intermediate rib depth, it offers excellent load-bearing capacities, ensuring a solid foundation for various roofing materials. MIAMI METAL DECK's Type B ensures a seamless integration into a multitude of construction designs, while providing the structural integrity you demand.

Roof Deck Type B 1.5''


Finish & Material Options

Choose from our high-strength 50 KSI steel Type B 1.5'' Deck, available with a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish meeting ASTM A653 standards, a variety of painted finishes for tailored aesthetics, or bare steel for custom applications. Each finish is designed to enhance durability and maintain performance in demanding environments. For specifications and custom finish options, please refer to our Data Sheet or contact our team.


Custom Lenghts

Whether you require precise deck lengths ranging from 6′-0″ for smaller projects or extensive spans up to 40′-0″ for larger constructions, we cater to all dimensions with precision and efficiency. Our custom length service is designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal fit and minimal waste.

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Data Sheets

Access comprehensive information on our Type B 1.5'' Deck through our detailed Data Sheets. These documents provide in-depth specifications, performance data, and installation guidelines necessary for architects, engineers, and contractors.

To ensure you have all the data needed for informed decision-making and precise planning, download the latest version of our Data Sheets directly from our website or contact our customer service team for additional support.

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